Waxing & Threading

statueWaxing is here to stay, especially the Brazilian Bikini which has become a world wide beauty regime. The practice of waxing the full body or areas of the body has been well known for at least two thousand years in Middle and South Asia. Although it has always been an esthetically pleasing look, it was better known for its hygienic purposes. As more and more North Americans are embracing the practice, they realized that the benefits far out-weigh the short and quick disadvantages.

At Dona Lucia’s, we are famous in Vancouver for our Brazilian Bikini. We’re proud to admit that we have been voted the top Brazilian place in Vancouver. All our estheticians are trained by Dona Lucia, so that our clients are getting a professional, hygienic, almost pain-free and fast service each time.

We work with a very gentle but effective wax which is not well known on the West Coast. This wax adheres to the hair but not the skin, making the waxing less painful because we are not pulling the skin when removing the wax strip. With this wax you will notice that the skin will not become looser, there will be no broken capillaries and less appearance of ingrown hair. Also, because our wax is not sticky, you will not need to give yourself a wash when you go home after your treatment.

After being in the business for 25 years, Lucia has seen a slow and steady growth in waxing treatments in all women. We are also welcoming male clients who are noticing wonderful benefits and a softer, smoother look to their skin. After much thought, we have now implemented the One-Dip-Stick-Method, so trans-contamination is not an issue.

• The night before, exfoliate your skin with a loofah and body grains
• Do not apply body creams or oils on the day of the waxing
• Do not exercise, tan, use the sauna or whirlpool 2 to 3 hours prior to waxing
• Make sure that your hair is at least ¼ inch prior to waxing (ideally ½ inch for Bikini wax)
• To decrease discomfort, take 1 or 2 extra strength Tylenols or Advil 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to treatment.

• Do not take hot baths or showers on the day of waxing.
• After the procedure, use hand towels with luke warm water in bikini area, if you must, but a disinfected oil has been placed on your skin and it is ideal to leave it on.
• If you do wash the bikini line, apply an antibacterial ointment afterwards to prevent ingrown hair.
• If you have had a Brazilian bikini, try not to have intercourse in the first 24 hours.
• Do not tan waxed skin for 10 to 12 hours after waxing.
• Exfoliate skin 2 to 3 days after waxing, If ingrowns are a concern, exfoliate every day.
• Do not use whirlpools, saunas or steam rooms for 2 days after waxing.
• Do not introduce bacteria to your skin by touching it or using dirty towels.
• Skinny jeans or tight panties makes it difficult for hair to pop out through skin, and therefore may aid in creating ingrown. If possible, use loosen clothing for a few days after waxing.
• If all else fails when it comes to ingrown, try our Tendskin for prevention.

If you are not familiar with threading, this treatment has to be seen to be believed. It is an ancient treatment and far older then waxing. Especially in South Asia, it is believed that the less hair a woman has, the more desirable she is. Women became very creative at removing body hair, especially facial hair. This practice is probably as old as there has been twine and thread — and that is a long long time!

Not all of our estheticians know how to do this practice because our girls learned to thread from childhood. It is amazing how fast and accurate they are with the thread when it comes to brow shaping. Unlike waxing the brows, this practice is very gentle on the skin and creates no irritation — perhaps just a bit of redness for an hour or two.

If you are thinking of having threading done, please drop in and watch them do their art form.