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We carry the EyEnvy Conditioner and Intensive Mascara which can be purchased exclusively in-store or via email/phone!






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Our salon takes pride in keep our products natural and of the highest quality. The product lines we choose to carry are produced in Europe, such as Eminence which is made in Hungary.





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New in stock So Luxury, is a luxurious line that only uses organic, natural & vegan ingredients. Inspired by her son, Amanda set out to create a luxurious and soothing bath product for ladies, babies and men who love to be pampered. They have a selection of bath soaks as well as there famous Magnesium Oil spray. Whats that you ask? Magnesium oil is best absorbed topically and most of us are deficient due to the modern diet. It’s a great natural sleep aid , anti anxiety, migraine relief and headache remedy, soothes muscle aches and join pains. You could call it magic in a bottle. This is a local company which makes it that much better!



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We use Gehwol products from Germany for for all our facial, manicure and pedicure services. The basis of all Gehwol products has always been natural ingredients. The Gehwol formulations include highly effective ingredients that especially respect the skin on the feet, starting with the Gehwol FUSSKRAFT Herbal Foot Bath to soften calluses and rough, brittle skin.Gehwol FUSSKRAFT Blue contains natural caring oils such as lanolin and aloe vera combined with urea, provides essential care for dry, rough skin on the feet, helping to restore the skin’s elasticity, suppleness and smoothness. Gehwol FUSSKRAFT Red is a warming balm for normal or dry skin that gives relief for tired, strained and sore feet. Revitalising camphor, extracts from paprika and ginger as well as essential oils from rosemary and mountain pine stimulate circulation and give pleasant warmth. Gehwol FUSSKRAFT Green contains substances for the prevention of infections, itching and the formation of blisters. Your feet become fresh, odourless and smooth with the soothing powers of rosemary, mountain pine and lavender.