The pedicure is our favourite service to give and receive. Today, we see very few cracked heels, chipped polish, jagged edges on toe nails, funguses, or white powdery skin due to very dry skin conditions.

The pedicure is more like a treatment than a treat, when done properly. Whether it is just a toe nail clipping and file which many elderly people require, or a full luxurious pedicure, our proficient staff do our best to meet your needs and budget in a relaxed ambience.

Products Used in Our Manicures and Pedicures
With all our services, we are proud to announce that we use the best product in our profession, which is Gehwol, for herbal foot baths, soothing lotions, balms and more. This product line has been known all over the world for over 125 years. Read more about Gehwol on our Products page.

Toe Nail Clipping 10 minutes
We carefully trim and file your toenails for you. This treatment is especially enjoyed by the elderly or those who are who are on a tight budget.

Toe Nail Clipping with Polish Change 15 minutes
We carefully trim your toenails and file them, then clean the nails and apply your favourite polish color. This treatment is ideal for the person who wants a colour change or who is in a hurry, but still wanted to look polished.

Full Pedicure 45 to 60 min
This is our ideal pedicure. We soak your feet with Gehwol, then trim and file your toenails, push and trim your cuticles, trim excess skin from heels, remove callus if needed, file dry skin, apply your favourite polish and massage your toes with the Gehwol food cream. Pure luxury and a long-lasting treatment!

French Pedicure 45 to 60 min
This treatment is the same as the full pedicure, but with a French polish application. This is a more sophisticated pedicure and looks great on a well-tanned individual.

Full Pedicure with Paraffin
Again this treatment is the same as the full pedicure, but with the added treat of the paraffin, which is very rich in oil and has the added benefit of heat. These oils penetrate deeply into the skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth longer. This treatment is ideal for the person with especially dry skin and/or poor circulation.

Please view our price list for other pedicure services and for combinations with manicures.