Lucia Serpa is the owner of Dona Lucia Esthetics. Lucia was born and raised in Portugal, and her heart and roots still remain in Europe.

Lucia came to Canada as a teenager. In Vancouver, Lucia’s goal in business and life is to bring a little of the friendly warm European culture and lifestyle to her clients and people around her. She has a warm and inviting personality which you will feel when you meet her. She is known for her storytelling and advice, but most importantly she’s a great listener and loves to hear her client’s stories.

Lucia has been practicing esthetics for over 25 years. Due to the immense popularity and growth of the first salon on West Broadway, Lucia is thrilled to announce the opening of our second store in downtown Vancouver.

In the downtown location, Lucia has incorporated more European treatments, such as kneipp or hamam services. Vancouver has become a large, dynamic and international city. Women are becoming more polished and looking for these unique services.

Known to many as the “Brazilian queen”, Lucia describes her love of pampering her clients.

She writes, “When I worked as a nurse for 14 years, I always carried a nail clipper and file with me. I enjoyed sitting at a patient’s bedside, talking to them about their lives while I giving a mini-manicure. Special bonds were created and that’s when I knew I wanted to get into esthetics. Anyone can give a manicure or pedicure, but what I look for is that connection you can have with someone when they tell you about themselves.”

Despite having a large staff at both locations, Lucia can frequently be seen treating her lucky clients to a very special pedicure or other spa treatment.

Dona Lucia Esthetics is known for its great prices because Lucia feels that every woman should be able to afford to have a little pampering. The first spas established in Vancouver introduced esthetics, but unfortunately at high prices. Lucia believes that esthetics is not just something to be done occasionally as a treat, but something everyone can have done regularly if it is affordable.

It is also a very personal thing to do. If you are having your feet worked on for an hour, you want to be in a place where you feel safe and welcome! Let us show you that we care.