When choosing an esthetics salon, what should I be looking for?
Cleanliness, friendliness, a professional attitude, knowledgeable staff who stand behind their work, affordability, health-conscious beauty products and an enjoyable ambience!

How will I know that the instruments used on me are clean?
You should be able to ask if you can check the instruments first. The most unsafe instruments tend to be cuticle cutters, nail clippers, blackhead removal extractors, and pedicure and manicure files.

If I have a skincare reaction, what should I do?
Call the spa right away and ask to speak to an esthetician who will give you information and advice.

How long does hair have to be prior to waxing?
Make sure that your hair is at least ¼ inch prior to waxing (ideally ½ inch for Bikini wax). Please link to our pre-waxing and post-waxing care information on our Waxing page under Services. You will find many tips to help you prepare your skin for waxing and care for it afterwards.

How long should I wait for my pedicure polish to dry before I put on my shoes?
For a complete dry, we recommend one full hour. It is still best to bring an open-toe shoe to wear after your pedicure.

I have really pale eyelashes and mascara doesn’t stay on very well. Do you have any advice?
Please consider our eyelash and eyebrow tinting services! For a very small price, we will enhance your beauty with “naturally” dark eyelashes and eyebrows.